The Insurgent South African Medical Cabinet

ZAR 14,000.00

Insurgent: 'a rebel not recognized as belligerent'. 

Designed and handmade by Glen Napier – this rebel has such clean lines that attract the eye to the top four corners of deep curiosity and imagination. The Insurgent is of steel and glass construction, this cabinet boasts fixed steel sphere corners topped with stainless steel finials and the exquisitely yet simple engineered latching system. Customized aluminium patch fittings secure glass in the outward opening doors, allowing suitable access to the glass shelves. #designertradesman #newlydefinedpeerless

H x W x D (cm),168 x 84 x 48, approx. 72kg with shelves, anti-rust primer, oil based QD enamel paint, 19mm square tube construction, 1.2mm galvanised sheet metal cladding, 5mm clear glass shelves, 3mm clear glass doors, unique latching system and handles, stainless steel finial detail.

Clean with a very soft damp cloth, use a mild soup cleanser or polish if necessary. Insert glass shelves slowly at an angle to prevent any damage or scratches. In event of broken glass, remove aluminium patch fittings, replace glass and follow the numbering sequence on back of the fittings as they were removed.

Newly Defined, founded in 2005 its name originates from a descriptive quote for the meaning of innovation: "innovation is the putting together of known elements in a different way to meet a Newly Defined need."     

Specialising in furniture design, antique restoration and vintage nostalgia, in 2017 Newly Defined introduced the start of the ND Peerless display cabinet range - the vision to create that patrimonial piece for further generations to come.  Having supplied to satisfied clients nationally and internationally, these handmade cabinets are truly things of beauty.

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